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Keep of Dragons

The resurrection of Kraegyn has emboldened the enemies of Aldron and brought the war in Azuleah to a tipping point. Lucius, armed with the magical Requiem Sword, is prepared to take on the challenge of defeating the dragons and their minions once and for all. But the secrets surrounding his family’s past threaten to divert […]

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Gauntlet of Iniquity

A brazen assassination. Two nations on the brink of war. And, a weapon that changes everything‚Ķ After an assassination divides the kingdom of Aldron and bolsters the evil Draknoir forces, Lucius travels with a group of Aldronian soldiers on a clandestine mission to retrieve the Gauntlet of Iniquity and turn the tide of war. But […]

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Short Story Spotlight: Intruder

I have a new short story this month to share with you. Before anyone asks, no it is not a Valentine’s story! There’s no romance whatsoever.  It’s just a quick sci-fi thriller that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.   The story itself is set in the same sci-fi universe that will contain my upcoming series. I’m excited […]

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Loneliness as a prevailing theme in science fiction

I’ve been getting some sci-fi reading under my belt these days after spending a couple of years reading and reviewing fantasy series like Ranger’s Apprentice. The switch in my reading list is intentional since I’m writing a new series set in space that’s rife with starships, bounty hunters, and epic battles. To prepare myself for […]

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How to grow your mailing list with Instafreebie

If you’ve spent any time learning marketing techniques for self-published authors, you’ve likely come across mailing lists as the #1 way to boost sales, build a platform, and ensure future success as an indie. We’ve covered mailing list strategies on this blog before, but this article is going to focus on how to grow your […]

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