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An inexplicable evil has caused calamity in the swampland of the old druid, Alistair Skylark. When dozens of people are mysteriously killed at the hands of an unknown sorcerer, Alistair seeks answers. The mystery leads him to face a powerful foe who will test his limits as a druid of the Celestine Order. Will Alistair overcome the perilous sorcerer and save his homeland? Or will he succumb to a powerful darkness?

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About Daniel.

I like to write stories that inspire people and take them to imaginative worlds where anything is possible. If you like fantasy and science fiction books about larger-than-life good guys who fight evil at every turn, you've come to the right place. When I'm not writing, I'm trying to stay warm in Minnesota with my wife, two boys, and our Beagle/Fox Terrier mix, Nova.