Ep 04: Editing Your Book and The Appeal of Novellas

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On this week’s episode of Literary Lark, I bring up the subject of editing and how important it is for your book to be polished and professional. There are numerous editing options available for independent authors including traditional editors or proofreaders who charge per word. This can get expensive if you have a long manuscript or a small budget starting out. My editor, Holly Bohl, charges a flat fee based on word count and she might be a better option for new authors. Another option for editing I mention in the podcast is editing software like ProWritingAid, Grammarly, and AutoCrit (I mistakenly called this one “Auto Editor” on the podcast). Each of these operate on a subscription model with varying prices and allow you to input your manuscript to get feedback on what needs fixing. I’m going to give ProWritingAid a shot for my next book and maybe post a review in the future.

Aside from editing, novellas are making a comeback in the publishing industry with Tor.com communicating that they are open to the format. Of course, indie authors have been taking advantage of the shorter size of novellas for quite some time because you can write them quicker and consequently, boost your sales with a larger catalog in a shorter period of time. This has been Derek Murphy’s philosophy. He encourages new authors to write shorter works in order to publish them quicker and become better acquainted with all aspects of self-publishing. You can find lots of handy info from Derek at CreativIndie.com.

Speaking of handy info, here’s the full title of the book I referenced on the show: Nine Day Novel: Writing Faster by Steve Windsor. I haven’t read the book, but it seems like an interesting concept and I think if you’re like me, wanting to find ways to up the daily word count, this might be good resource. Leave a comment if you’ve read or recommend it.

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