Ep 12 – 100 Days to a Published Book



Writing a book is tough, especially if you're not a writing full-time like me. In this episode, I share my game plan for knocking out my next fantasy novel in 100 days--from original outline to published book on Amazon. Why 100 days? Well, I recently received a copy of John Lee Dumas' The Freedom Journal. It helps you accomplish a big goal in 100 days by keeping you accountable each day through the completion of mini goals that lead up to your big goals. I plan to start this on March 1st, so if you're looking to write a book or accomplish something big then please join me!

Some resources I mention on the podcast:

Scapple - A program for Mac and Windows that essentially lets you take notes and drag and drop them all over a large canvas. You can connect the notes with dotted lines or arrows. It's perfect for writers who want their scattered notes in one place. I'm using it for fictional timelines and character profiles. Best of all, the notes can be added into Scrivener for when you write!

The Story Grid by Shawn Coyne - one of my favorite books on editing, written by Steven Pressfield's editor. Seriously, pick this up and prepare to have your mind blown.

Writing retreats - One of the best ways to complete a book is getting out of the house in a solitary place with no distractions. Writing retreats provide writers with that setting. If you need some ideas, I've listed some amazing places in this post. But honestly, this doesn't need to be anything elaborate or expensive. Just book a night somewhere through AirBnB and go to town on writing for a day!