Episode 02 – First Steps to Publishing Your Book, part 1


Photo credit: Michael via Compfight



On this episode of Literary Lark, we discuss the first things aspiring authors need to do on their journey to publishing a book. The first part is obvious: writing a book! I’ll share some tips I’ve learned on my path to completing a manuscript including: setting a schedule for writing, becoming disciplined, and dealing with discouragement or disillusionment as you take on such a monumental task as writing a book. Below are some of the links I shared on the podcast for some resources that will aid you:

Scrivener – the premier tool for writers to organize manuscripts. There’s a trial period you can enjoy to decide whether you like the program or not (Hint: you will!).

Ommwriter – a great app for cutting out distractions while writing and really enjoying the process.

NaNoWriMo – a great community of writers who will encourage and help you push your daily word counts in order to finish an entire book within 30 days!


    • No problem, PH. I’m happy to provide the info. NaNoWriMo is tough for me too because of the time of year, but lots of writers get a lot out of it. This past year was the first I participated in almost five years, so I understand. Thanks for stopping by!