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Read the prequel to The Blade Heir--The Shaman of Neroterra!

A Dark Power Lies in the Forest

Silas Dermont, Prince of Aldron, has received an urgent summons from the orcs of Neroterra. Bound by a treaty he did not create, Silas reluctantly ventures to the orc city to learn of an insidious plot revolving around an old gauntlet stolen by a mysterious shaman. With only a small band of warriors and a rival noble at his side, Silas must retrieve the gauntlet for the orcs or risk inciting a war with Neroterra. But once he enters the forest to face the shaman, Silas realizes the errand is far more difficult than he imagined.

The Shaman of Neroterra is an epic fantasy novella that takes place before the events of The Blade Heir novel. If you enjoy sword and sorcery adventure, fast-paced action, larger-than-life heroes, and underlying themes of faith, then you'll love Daniel Adorno's latest entry in the growing world of Azuleah.

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