Writing stories has been a hobby of mine since I was in elementary school and I’m glad I never outgrew it for something else. But there’s another hobby I love that most people probably wish I had outgrown as an adult and that is toy collecting. For several years now, I’ve collected action figures of my favorite comic book, video game, or movie characters. It’s bad enough that I buy toys at my “mature” age, but what’s worse is that I actually pose them and take pictures of them!

Scandalous, right?

batman custom
A customized Batman figure standing in my custom Batcave.


It gets worse. Not only do I pose my action figures and take photos of them, I also create serious or funny comic strips featuring them! Yes, I’m a total geek.

Before writing novels and short stories took precedence in my life, action figure comics were my main creative outlet. Thankfully, editing and marketing my fantasy novel has taken up most of my free time so I no longer have time to play with what my wife calls my “little men”. However, every Thursday on my blog I’d like to have a little throwback post to some of these comic strips I made. I think they’re pretty entertaining and fun and you might think so too. Or you’ll just avoid this blog completely on Thursdays. Either way, here’s a strip I made back in 2010. Pop culture references will likely be dated, but you might still get any references.



Is Thor going to lay the smackdown on Iron Man? Tune in next Thursday to find out!


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