Episode 01 – The Importance of Book Cover Art

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Welcome to the first episode of my new podcast, Literary Lark! I created this podcast as a means to discuss trends in indie publishing, speculative fiction, processes for writing, and basically anything related to writing. In this first episode I introduce the scope of the podcast and cover that topic of book cover art creation for independent authors. In the future, I’m aiming to have some indie authors on the podcast to discuss relevant topics on writing and publishing. Here is the show outline:


I. Intro

a. Short bio

b. Podcast description

II. Episode topic – Book covers

a. Covers as art

  • Defining the artistry involved
  • Significance of typography
  • Minimalism and its helpfulness to indie authors

b. Power of message

  • Cover art must highlight the drama in the story
  • Books are judged by covers
  • Indie authors must be smart about DIY cover creation: aesthetics, designers, etc.

III. Closing thoughts


Please tune in to the podcast and let me know what topics you’d like to see me cover by leaving a comment below. I’m aiming to make this a weekly podcast, so stay tuned for more!