In this episode, I discuss three aspects of publishing books that indie authors must consider.

First, writing book blurbs is a huge pain so I lay down some simple tips to optimize your book descriptions online for better sales. Additionally, I highly recommend authors check out Bryan Cohen’s book description service. He’s also got a giveaway going on right now with $1,000+ in copywriting services, so check that out!

Second, I go into detail about templates for formatting both your ebooks and print books. There’s a huge difference between the two, not to mention the steep learning curve for print. Ebooks aren’t too hard to format in a program like Scrivener and Joseph Michael’s course can really help you out here.  Joel Friedlander offers several formatting templates for Word on his website that will make your books shine. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, then you can’t beat Derek Murphy’s free formatting templates which are also genre specific!

Finally, in the podcast I present some best practices for using stock images on book covers and where to find quality stock for free. Besides the paid options like Shutterstock and Bigstock, there are free options like Pixabay and Flickr Creative Commons. In fact, you should really head over to this post by OptimizePress and find 62 different free stock photo options for your cover design and/or blog projects!

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I'm an indie author who loves to write fantasy and sci-fi stories. I also enjoy sharing writing tips and publishing advice to writers on my blog. Subscribe to my blog and newsletter to get updates on my work and free stories.

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