Ep. 08 – Launching a Bestseller on Kindle

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In this episode, I cover everything I did to make sure my recent book launch on Amazon was a success. Hitting the top of the charts in two categories in less than a week was a surprise, but any author can have similar results by following the tips I share in the podcast. Here is some of the relevant info with links I cover in the show:

Two more awesome things I cover in the podcast:

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  • I’m in the planning stages of a book cover art course for authors. The aim is to teach other authors the fundamentals of cover design I’ve learned over the years so that indies will have one less thing to worry about when self-publishing their books. The course would include interviews from experts in graphic design, PSD templates to use for cover ideas, PDF cheatsheets, an ebook, and more. It’s going to be a major project, so I want to see if there’s enough interest before going forward.

If you’re interested then sign up below!


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  • Thanks for this podcast. It was my first dive into this aspect of publishing–and a deep one it was! You have obviously done a lot of learning already. I appreciate your willingness to share it. Time now for me to go digest it all…