On this episode of Literary Lark, we have two big developments for the podcast. We’ve got video and our first guest on the show! Emory Skwara joins me to discuss the benefits of Wattpad for indie authors as well as how to get your book featured on the site for maximum exposure. Among the things Emory and I discuss are Wattpad’s newest features, the future of the platform with advertising, and competitors like Amazon’s WriteOn Kindle site. Emory is a fellow fantasy and sci-fi author who has written a popular urban fantasy novel called Numinous. You can connect with Emory at all the links below.

Emory Skwara



Wattpad: Emory on Wattpad

Twitter: @EmorySkwara

Facebook: Emory on Facebook

Goodreads: Emory on Goodreads

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Daniel Adorno

I'm an indie author who loves to write fantasy and sci-fi stories. I also enjoy sharing writing tips and publishing advice to writers on my blog. Subscribe to my blog and newsletter to get updates on my work and free stories.

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