Episode 5: How to Market Your Book On A Shoestring Budget

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Photo credit: Patrick Bombaert via Compfight CC


Marketing is tough work and perhaps one of the big reasons many indie authors never really take off in sales or in growing their audience. On this week’s episode, I discuss how this aspect of building a sustainable author platform is one of the hardest things to do (I’m still grappling with this one!). Nevertheless, all authors should dispel the image of the starving writer who refuses to become a marketer lest she sell herself to “the man.” There is a balance between the artist/writer and the businessman that can be reached–in other words, creating artistic content with value for readers and turning a profit in the process.

In the podcast, I mention an excellent discussion on The Creative Penn Podcast between Joanna Penn and Jim Kukral on this very subject. Seriously, go listen to it and learn the difference between sales and marketing! Additionally, check out Fiverr for some cheap gigs on book promotion and marketing.

Social media is also a great place to market your books, but always remember that most people don’t want to read posts and tweets that just broadcast your books. They want to engage and socialize, so frame your book discussion around that and don’t be spammy!

As promised, I’ve edited a PDF spreadsheet with websites where you can market your book for free or low cost as well as the higher paid options. Enter your email below and I’ll send it right to your inbox.

Credit for this handy cheat sheet goes to author, C. Gockel. Please check out her books and blog.